Emotion Psychology

The Division of Emotion Psychology is one of five departmental units responsible for the research and the educational quality within one or several closely related psychological fields.


Emotions are primary motivators of human behavior with crucial importance for both mental and physical health, and are also a key aspect of the arts. The division of emotion psychology aims to uncover the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying emotions, to benefit the development of theory and effective health interventions. Researchers within the division use a broad variety of methods - behavioral experiments, brain imaging, experience sampling, psychophysiological measurements, and questionnaires - to explore topics such as nonverbal communication of emotion, anxiety disorders, mental imagery, emotional memories, emotional development, regulation of emotions, and emotions in music.

Research Groups

Research Projects

For more projects, please visit the web pages of the research groups.


The division regularly organizes research seminars. Please visit the department calendar for upcoming events.

Last modified: 2023-08-17