Avhandlingar 1950-1996

Avhandlingarna finns för utlåning i Blåsenhusbiblioteket.

Under tiden 1977 till 1996 delades psykologiämnet av två institutioner, Institutionen för psykologi och Institutionen för tillämpad psykologi. Dessa slogs 1996 samman till en enda institution, därav uppdelningen nedan.

Institutionen för psykologi (1950-1996)

År Författare Titel
1950 Ragnar Hörnfeldt Nivå och struktur
1957 Karl Henrik Eriksson Vanart och personlighetsavvikelser
1963 Ingemar Norling Judgement of speed in a traffic situation
1964 Ronald L. Cohen Problems in motor perception
1965 Lars Kebbon The structure of abilities at lower levels of intelligence. A factoranalytical study
1967 Sten Sture Bergström A paradox in the perception of luminance gradients
Chris Ottander On sensory interactions in judgement of velocity and its measurement by psychophysicalscaling methods
Göte Hansson Dimensions in speech sound perception. An experimental study of vowel perception
1968 Carl-Erik Brattemo Studies in metaphorical verbal behavior in patients with a psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia
Sture Eriksson Field effects and the shape slant invariance hypothesis in static perception
1969 Gunnar Jansson Perceived rotary motion. A study of principles for the perceptual analysis of changing proximal stimuli
Sten R. Bergström Induced avoidance behavior to light in the protozoa tetrahymena
Kåre Rumar Experimental studies of driver characteristics in some traffic situations with special regard to visual capacity in night driving
1970 Björn Höijer Cognitive processes in similarity judgements
1971 Klas Guettler Concepts covered by the terms "ego", "id", and "superego" as applied today in psycho-analytic theory
Arne Öhman Orienting reactions cognitive processes and conditioned behavior in long interstimulus interval electrodermal conditioning
1972 Hans-Olof Lisper Increase in reaction time related to fatigue in driving and vigilance
Erik Börjesson Studies of visually perceived motion in depth
1973 Hans Marmolin Visually perceived motion in depth resulting from proximal changes
Gunilla Bohlin Habituation of the orienting reaction and the development of sleep during repetitive stimulation
Alf Gabrielsson Studies in rhythm
Peter Thunberg Dimensionality and information curves in a latent trait model
Bo S. Johansson Encoding strategies and memory performance
Lars-Göran Nilsson Memory processes and the concept of reinforcement
Claes von Hofsten On determinants of depth perception in motion patterns
Gunilla Fhanér Towards a model of seat belt use with particular emphasis on attitude and beliefs
Monica Hane Towards a model of seat belt use some methodological considerations
Kjell Roos Aktivitet och anpassning hos åldrande människor. Socialpsykologiska studier kring attityder, aktivitet och åldrande.
1974 William S. Dockens III Toward a behavioral ecology: A psychological systems approach to social problems
Åke Pålshammar Competence in third grade school children. Its relation to selected aspects of personality and psychophysiological reactivity
Bengt G. Henriksson Cannabis and behavior. Statedependent learning and drug discrimination in rats
Lars-Eric Uneståhl Hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestions
Håkan Sundberg Orienting reaction, habituation and conditioning to electrical brainstimulation in the cat
Maj-Britt Lindahl Concept learning effects of the intradimensional variation of the instances
Bo Edvardsson Miljöproblemens psykologi. Fyra empiriska rapporter med sammanfattning
1975 Gabriel Helmers Visual characteristics in rural night driving. Some implications for road safety
Michael Lindén Political dimensions and models of political party sympathy
Göran Berger Behavioral processes in sequential guessing
Anders Kjellberg Behavioral and phenomenological effects of sleep deprivation
Göran Stening Human variables in traffic safety with special regard to traffic knowledge, attitudes, alcohol, drugs and fatigue
Lars Lindahl Effect evaluation of short term group encounter therapy and evaluation of an interpersonal theory of behavior
1976 Staffan Hygge Emotional and electrodermal reactions to the suffering of another: Vicarious instigationand vicarious classical conditioning
Karin Lindhagen Semantic relations in Swedish children's early sentences
Mona Eliasson Actions of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on the copulatory responses in female rats
Jan Vegelius On various G index generalization and their applicability within the clinical domain
1977 Jim Jones Group psychotherapy as experiencing, interpersonal perceiving and developing of values
Sverker Runesson On visual perception of dynamic events
Lennart Melin A behavioural approach to drug addiction
Per-Olow Sjödén Behavioral disturbances induced by neonatal thyroid hormone stimulation in rats
John Skoglund Aging and retirement. Studies of attitudes towards the elderly in Sweden
Tommy Hallqvist Daseinsanalysen. Bakgrund, karakteristik, kritik
Torbjörn U.C. Järbe Discriminative control of behavior by drugs. A method to study subjective response characteristics to drugs in animals
K. Gunnar Götestam Drug dependenca and behaviour therapy
Gunilla Derefeldt Induced colour as a function of luminance relations
Kenneth Hugdahl Conditioning, stimulus relevance, and cognitive factors in phobic fears
Cecilia Falkman Cystic fibrosis - A psychological study of 52 children and their families
Alexander Perski Voluntary control of heart rate? Optimization of aquisition and transfer of learning
1978 Harald Fürst Modes of constriction and their change through validation and invalidation
1979 Trevor Archer Associative and non-associative processes in taste-aversion learning: Exteroceptive context and neophobic responses
1980 Mats Fredrikson Conditioning phobias, and psychophysiological measures
Jerker Rönnberg Conceptions of remembering as task-skill interactions
Samuel C.B. Gaunitz Studies on altered states of consciousness and post hypnotically released emotions
Leslie P. Shaps Age differences in memory: A dual-deficit hypothesis of localization of the decline
1981 Roger Hagafors Learning of probabilistic inference tasks: The importance of situational variables for the subject-task interaction
Karl-Olov Fagerström Tobacco smoking, nicotine dependence and smoking cessation
Lars Åberg The human factor in game-vehicle accidents: A study of drivers' information acquisition
Ingrid E. Heidenborg How the basic human needs of patients are met? Analysis, testing and application of Maslow's motivation theory for patient care?
1982 Berit Hagekull Measurement of behavioral differences in infancy
1983 Lars-Erik Warg The effect of task content on performance in probabilistic inference tasks
Ulf Dimberg Emotional conditioning to facial stimuli: A psychobiological analysis
Marianne Carlsson Sex-role opinions as conceptual schemata in 3-12 year old swedish children
Gunilla Frykholm Action, intention, gender, and identity, perceived from body movement
Göran Ekegren Verbal reports about strategies in probabilistic inference learning tasks
1984 Lars-Gunnar Lundh Mind and meaning. Towards a theory of the human mind considered as a system of meaning structures 
Birgitta Höijer,
Olle Findahl
Nyheter, förståelse och minne
Olle Findahl,
Birgitta Höijer
Begriplighetsanalys. En forskningsgenomgång och en tillämpning på nyhetsinslag i radio och TV
1985 Valborg Dillström Norgren The development of the semiotic function: studies of children's graphic and verbal representations
John Kugiumutzakis The origin, development, and function of the early infant imitation
Bo Schenkman Human echolocation: The detection of objects by the blind
Kjerstin Ericsson Kan en figurteckning ritad vid 4 år predicera barnets fortsatta utveckling? En uppföljning av vissa delar av 4 årskontrollen fram till 12 år
Michael Swedberg A model of discrimination learning with interoceptive stimuli
Birgitta Anshelm Olson Early detection of industrial solvent toxicity: the role of human performance assessment
1986 Roland Gustafsson Alcohol and human physical aggression: the mediating role of frustration
Bo von Schéele Assessment of a multifaceted treatment of negative stress: a cognitive and cardiovascular approach
Ann Enander Sensory reactions and performance in moderate cold
1987 Mikael Franzon The incongruent color-words paradigm: a non-invasive metod for assessment of language lateralization
1988 Claes-Göran Brobäck Hemispheric asymmetry and classical conditioning: an experimental study of lateralization of learning
Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos Instruction and the development of moral judgment
Knut Sundell Day care and children's development. The relations among direct teaching, communicative speech, cognitive performance, and social participation
1989 Britta Andersson Dichotic listening and hemispheric asymmetry in children: An experimental study of the influence of directed attention
Margot Maerker Healthy persons' evaluations of patient information
1990 Mårten Eriksson Functional relations and the development of concepts. Three studies in relation to the functional core model
1991 Anders Arnqvist Phonemic awareness in preschool children. Four studies on the relationship between phonemic awareness, reading ability and short-term memory
1992 Igor Knez To know what to know before knowing: acquistition of functional rules in probabilistic acologies
Gunilla Öhngren Touching voices: Components of direct tactually supported speechreading
1993 Hans Richter Supraliminal contrast functions and voluntary negative modulation of accomodation in the visual system
Dankert Vedeler Intentionality as a basis for the emergence of intersubjectivity in infancy
Peter Juslin An ecological model of realism of confidence in one's general knowledge
1994 Lars-Olov Lundqvist Emotional contagion to facial expressions. A social psychophysiological examination
Birgitta Söderfeldt Signing in the brain. Sign language perception studied by neuroimaging techniques
Ulf Ahlström Perceptual organization of motion
1995 Håkan Källmén Alcohol and disinhibition A psychoanalytical interpretation
1996 Mats Lind The perception of rigid 3-D structure from optic flow

Institutionen för tillämpad psykologi (1977-1996)

1984 Steven J. Linton
A behavioural approach to chronic pain and its management
1987 JoAnne Caroline Dahl The psychological treatment of epilepsy: A behavioral approach
Staffan Sohlberg Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa: Diagnosis, treatment and the role of impulsivity for long-term outcomes
Karin Sonnander Early identification of developmentally delayed children: Reliability, validity and predictive value of a parental assessment instrument
1988 Sandra Söderman Bates A behavioral approach to gastrointestinal disorders
1989 Bengt J. Eriksson A stratified process model for planning and designing in psychoanalytic therapy research
Per Lindberg Assessment of tinnitus aurium. A psychological approach to the symptoms and to the evaluation of intervention
Berit Scott A behavioural treatment approach to tinnitus
1990 Anita Olsson Individual response patterns and matching of treatment methods in phobias
Arto Hiltunen Attenuation of the behavioural effects of alcohol: Antagonism and acute tolerance
Pia Risholm Mothander The first year of life. Predictive patterns of infant development, maternal adjustment and mother-infant interaction
Göran Westergren Time. Experiences, perspectives and coping strategies
1991 Lennart Öhlund Electrodermal activity and the heterogeneity of schizophrenia. From season of birth to social functioning
Ann-Margret Rydell School adjustment and peer relations among swedish school children. Aspects of The new morbidity
1992 Joaquim Jorge Fernandes Soares Unconscious effects of potentially phobic stimuli
1993 Örjan Sundin Psychophysiological reactivity, Type A behaviour, and rehabilitation after myocardial infarction
Cristina Parra Awareness-independent encoding of angry faces: Evolved mechanism of social anxiety?
Mats Granlund Communicative competence in persons with profound mental retardation
Francisco Estevez Emotional facial expressions and the unconscious activation of physiological responses
Raimo Lappalainen A behavioral approach to eating habits
1994 Bengt E. Westling A cognitive-behavioural. approach to panic disorder
Lene Lindberg Early feeding problems. A developmental perspective
Louise von Essen What is good caring?
1995 Gerhard Andersson Hearing as behaviour
1996 Christina Hultman Obstetric complications, electrodermal activity and psychosocial factors within a vulnerability-stress model of schizophrenia

Institutionen för psykologi (1996-1997)

1996 Gertrud Ericson Assessment of schoolchildrens performance in dance
Anders Carlström Policy capturing in target selection
Ned Carter Functional analysis of stimuli influencing retail theft
1997 Calle Eklund Withdrawal from methadone maintenance treatment in Sweden
Sam Larsson Det andra jaget vid manlig transvestism. Ett jagteoretiskt och kognitionspsykologiskt perspektiv
Anders Jansson Strategies and maladaptive behaviours in complex dynamic decision making
Peter Annas Fears, phobias, and the inheritance of learning
Anastasia Georgiades Are casual clinic blood pressure measurements insufficient? Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, stress-reactivity assessment and echocardiography can improve risk estimation for borderline hypertensives
Anders Winman Knowing if you would have known. A model of the hindsight bias