Model of Aesthetic Judgment in Music


Patrik Juslin recently published a target article in Physics of Life Reviews (impact factor: 9.478) that outlines an expanded and updated version of the BRECVEMA framework. Of significance is the addition of a new mechanism corresponding to aesthetic judgments of music. The revised framework might contribute to a long-needed reconciliation between previous approaches, which have conceptualized music listeners’ responses in terms of either "everyday emotions" or "aesthetic emotions". The issue also features commentaries on the article by a number of researchers including Robert Zatorre, David Hargreaves, Emery Schubert, David Huron, Dean Keith Simonton, and Donald Hodges. The novel aesthetic judgment model was recently tested in a study by Juslin, Sakka, Barradas, and Liljeström (in press), using an idiograhic approach to capture individual aesthetic judgments.