Studies Administration

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Exchange Studies

Course Administration

Katarina Larsson

First Cycle Studies (1st Floor)

- Freestanding Courses: Music Psychology

Katarina Larsson

- Freestanding Courses: Psychology A, B and C
- Bachelor Programme in Behavioural Sciences
- Bachelor Programme in Human Resource Management and Working Life
- Dietetics Programme
- Medicine Programme
- Physiotherapy Programme
- Speech and Language Pathology Programme
- Commissioned Courses

- Complementary Programme for Psychologists with a Foreign Degree
- Psychology Programme
- Social Work Programme

Valentina Ivanova-Miteva

Second Cycle Studies (1st Floor)

- Master's Programme
- Psychotherapy Programme

Valentina Ivanova-Miteva

PhD Studies (3rd Floor)


Annika Landgren


- Handling of Examinations
- Contact for Students with Special Support

Katarina Larsson