Christine Fawcett

Christine Fawcett

 Associate Professor  
 Principal Investigator
 +46 (0)18-471 6337

Research Interests
My research focuses on how infants and children relate to other people, particularly how they coordinate actions and share goals and emotions with others. I study the mechanisms underlying this ability to relate to others as well as the outcomes it has for social development and learning. To address these questions, I use a wide range of methodologies, including eye tracking, motion tracking, and behavioral research.

I am the Prinicipal Investigator for "The Role of Synchronous Imitation in the Development of Joint Action" (funded by the Swedish Research Council) and "Pupillary Contagion in a Developmental Context" (funded by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences). 

Research Areas
Social Cognition, Motor Development, Atypical Development, Self-regulation


Curriculum vitae (CV)