Support and Donations


Your engagement and support are important to us!

Each child we meet at the Uppsala Child and Baby Lab brings us one step closer to research discoveries and the solutions to different social challenges. Our research is dependent on visits from parents and children. We do everything we can to make these visits as fun and stimulating as possible for both children and parents, but we can surely do more. You can help us by suggesting ways that we can make your visit better or by encouraging others to contact us if they’re interested in participating in research.

You can also support our research by giving a donation. All donations to our research make a difference.


How to get involved and help research by giving a donation!

You can give a donation by either using PlusGiro pg 1 88 88-8 and giving the reference “Babylab”, or by using Swish 123 080 4336. The accounts are linked to Uppsala University and the entire donation goes directly to research at the Uppsala Child and Baby Lab.